BODYGUARDS GUIDE (Garrisons 101 REDUX) – Warlords of Draenor

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20 Responses to BODYGUARDS GUIDE (Garrisons 101 REDUX) – Warlords of Draenor

  1. Total Wafflez says:

    How do you find your body guards?

  2. Daniela Pino says:

    Illona is best girl.

  3. johnhurst9 says:

    I'm having problems with my bodyguards – I ask them to go on "patrol" with me (they follow me around the garrison) but will not fly anywhere or follow me outside the garrison…  Any suggestions?

  4. Hilma Terpe says:

    Whats the best bodyguard for a dd warior and ele shaman ?

  5. Falcore75 says:

    5:47 XT what are you doing buddy?

  6. Travisty21898 says:

    Can they die?! If so what happens to them? do you lose them?

  7. littledwarv says:

    she only makes a summoning stone and does not help you summon – you still need another party member  to help – 

  8. Epic Julian says:

    I am planning on removing the barracks and replacing it for the trading post, is it a good idea and why or why not?

  9. Darkuz B Frizmo says:

    How do you Summan Body guards?

  10. IntheeyesofMorbo says:

    the summons works just lock a lock summoning stone – you still need a 2nd raid member to summon others.

  11. petrix says:

    Does item level improve bodyguards damage/healing/hp/armor etc ?

  12. Mazxlol says:

    What if they attack PvP targets? How do I stop it??? Ally hit me accidentally but my bodyguard kept attacking him and there was nothing I could do to stop it!!

  13. Mazxlol says:

    horde doesnt have tank bodyguards.. seems fair

  14. gundam4509116 says:

    Great vid …Thank you for making these!

  15. Might the Dragon says:

    Tormmok sadly doesn't change gear after level 1 :(, He keeps his gladiator gear.

  16. Paul Gillett says:

    I just used this to level my bodyguard. Pretty handy trick. 

  17. Makro says:

    So I got Delvar Ironfist to lvl 2 and he didn't get a quest, neither did he increase any obvious stats. WTF?

  18. Slavblade Hubert J. Farnsworth says:

    can u make video horde farming site for rep. with body guard pls

  19. Quartermaine says:

    If Blizzard were to take advantage of this feature they would allow us to use all of these five bodyguards in past dungeons… being that they already are what is needed for a dungeon run.

  20. Spectral J says:

    Thanks bru! Helped a lot. 
    Bout to hit 100 
    Can't wait for whats next for garrisons, I think the new patches might save WoW.