How To: Power Level 1-90 in Few Hours WoD 6.2

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20 Responses to How To: Power Level 1-90 in Few Hours WoD 6.2

  1. Austin M says:

    You sound like Dinesh from Silicon Valley.

  2. NzmAnh Dee says:

    It's more of a waste of gold and you don't enjoy the game as much.

  3. Brew master says:

    I still dont understand how you get the lowbie into the dungeon…

  4. Mitchell McCaw says:

    How do u change dungeons without wasting time or do u need a potion for every dungeon switch

  5. Henrique F. says:

    i get to lvl 90 by farming gold just to get the 10k lol

  6. szocske30 says:

    Hey! Is this still working?

  7. Allen M says:

    If i'm full heirloomed should i stay logged in and just /follow the higher character? it seems like a lot of the buff time would be lost traveling to the next instance anyway. at least in the lower ranges.

  8. Docho Dochev says:

    bro that video will blow the wow dunno why  people don't du this but it faking works get 3 people helping you to avoid instance lock  and bam 4 potions and 4-5 houars from 1-100

  9. TheIngPaul says:

    hi again 😀 and sorry to bother you yet again 🙁
    i was wondering, what do you think about leveling 90 to 100 via using a level 100 to boost trought dungeons? is it worth? i mean i know the fastest method is with pots, but they cost gold 🙁 and if i plan to level up various characters it can get very expensive (i have heirlooms tho)
    ty :)

  10. Ormais says:

    Good guide, still works as of March 2016. I don't understand all the dislikes since it's a pretty great method, probably just people who dont know how to use their garrison to get loaded for potions.

  11. flareon1579 says:

    Why don't you just use the Elixir of Rapid Knowledge? 300% XP for an hour each elixir.

  12. TheIngPaul says:

    Hello 😀 first of all thank you for the video 🙂   i am sorry to bother you but i am new on powerlevelingi want to ask a few things:    1)  do i need to follow the high level toon to get exp? or the low level can just afk at the dungeon entrance? :c (that way i can, using multiple accounts, powerlevel myself)    2) i wont get exp for killing mobs? all the exp comes from the bonus objectives?    thanks 🙂     Edit: lol i got confused. i will use raf instead of potion. do u know if its the same procedure? of course wihtout logging off. or how much difference there is between using a method similar to yours but with raf instead of pot?  i know its not what your video is about but maybe you know and can help me. thank you :D

  13. CaptainTrips says:

    i did this in a few hours w/o a friend & only 5 elixers

  14. sililas silas says:

    great vid 🙂 wiggle#2126 if u want ;)

  15. cory jackson says:

    why cant you just pull some of the trash also?

  16. Melra says:

    I am currently leveling two characters with my friend to 80 to prep for Herald of the Titans with some guildies. We are at level 59 now, he had heirloom ring so gained a few level advantage to me so he boosted me through Ramparts few times to get us to even level. At the moment we are thinking of what's the best way to level up from here, this might be an option.

    Does this work if you just exit game while in dungeon? Just thinking that while one person clears the dungeon and the other one exits, they might save 9-10 seconds of the elixir each time. They don't need to be logging in straight away anyway, so by the time they reboot their game and are ready to log back in, you'd be pretty close to last boss anyway. Is there a reason you don't do this instead of simply logging out with the 10 sec timer?

  17. TheFallen says:

    the 10 per hour is annoying

  18. TheFallen says:

    this method still work?

  19. Kikeron says:

    Thanks a lot. I have already tested this twice with full heirlooms (both rings) and one of them had Wow anniversary buff as well!! (insane). Do you have any suggestion instead of ToC? The first part is extremely annoying. At Cata one could do Vortex Pinnacle just because one can go back fast to the start of teh instance.

  20. schlugg says:

    First of, I doubt the time frames mentioned. That's not gonna work like that. Aside from that, the method sure works, even if considered to take quite longer. The first slow down happens once the toon to be leveled is no longer rested. That creates quite a dent in the progress. Last but not least, it's a lot of log in, log out and wait, which I consider pretty tedious of a way to level. A lot more efficient for that matter would be, to simply park the toon at the Shrine in Pandaria, and have them complete 8 pet battle quests every day (5 out of the quest log directly, and 3 at the quest giver. With potion/elixir the leveling process is just as fast, if not even faster, given effective time played. Takes about 2 minutes time per day on that toon, always rested bonus active, since the quests are done by other toons.