Unique Hunter Pets – World of Warcraft Hunter

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25 Responses to Unique Hunter Pets – World of Warcraft Hunter

  1. gustav malmström says:

    haha love this guy

  2. Crisis says:

    I wish you still made videos pal. :(

  3. Lue Vang says:

    oh the good old days with the spells of the hunter :'(

  4. gustav malmström says:

    haha he cant talk normal

  5. Moray Eel says:

    Man, why did they remove eye of the beast? It was awesome for scouting.

  6. Marcel Ringimaster says:


  7. Moray Eel says:

    Man, why did they remove eye of the beast? It was awesome for scouting.

  8. vagi fina says:

    what’s that

  9. Coyote Starrk says:

    this is back in wrath when hunters had mana

  10. MrBonami2 says:

    @ahbushido no

  11. Kirby Cory says:

    @ahbushido u can respec wen ur 85. it costs a shit ton of gold tho lol.

  12. freak73888 says:

    I play eternal its better!! Eternal wow

  13. Animane78 says:

    no i dont think so, i havent tried it

  14. Excussum says:

    You can name your pet you target it and right click on it. I cant believe
    you really think you cant rename you pet. It’s easy, very easy I thought
    some who plays a hunter at your level should know!

  15. MrBonami2 says:

    How to control my pet?

  16. Eoin Dowling says:

    This was before Cataclysm, back then Hunters had mana, they were more fun
    that way in my opinion.

  17. bonquva says:

    can the pet be as big as it is before taming?

  18. jeffreyshane3 says:

    my fav is a tie between the chaoruppted black raptor for goblins or
    thediseased bear in tristfal glades

  19. Jebfgfd Yupyr says:

    Thumbs up if you think horde is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sean Shapiro says:

    whats the name of the window you opend to show your pets?

  21. Toni Roberts says:


  22. TeamIsOnMyBack says:

    god i miss dalaran and this guy, his voice and the music and the attitude
    is just so serene. reminds me of summer

  23. DeliciousHow2 says:

    Lol dat ascent! :’D

  24. Snysoo says:

    its because you cant play the real game -.-”

  25. Yap Feng says:

    TribunalXHunter where you go I miss you 🙁